Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Potenza test specification and price

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

It was not up until 12 years later Alfa Romeo Giulietta starts with a new model that was produced from in 1977. Giulietta name disappears look Alfa Romeo 75 model, which is actually its successor, which is produced since 1985. It was also the last separately produced Alfa Romeo before Fiat bought Alfa Romeo in 1986.

Preceded Giulietta models were Alfa Romeo 147 and 145 prior to him, and prior to him 33, and prior to him Alfasud. Production of the brand-new Alfa Romeo Giulietta model was introduced end of 2009., and had its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2010th year, while the first copies were to be provided in early summer season 2010th year.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta flaunts exceptionally broad choice of engines, which starts from the weakest 1.4 MultiAir engine of 105 hp, 1.4 turbo over the 120 or 170 horses with a 1.6 diesel engine with 105 hp and 2.0 with 140 or 170 horses at the top of the stands 1.75 -liter turbo gas engine with 235 horse.

In its segment Giulietta has a bunch of rivals, but it defends its originality, sporting spirit and a very distinct character to the trip and in regards to visuals. Giulietta is a strong point that does not look like its competitors, does not attempt to imitate them and do all in their own one-of-a-kind and initial way.

essential Features

The beautiful styling and back of the automobile side, a total and really mature design – except for the front of the protection at the highest level, a complete 5 -star Euro NCAP safety and comfy sports seats incorporate outstanding functionality and comfort are initial and fresh interior design, futuristic lines are all over Adrenaline dash panel does not enable the Giulietta sluggish drive effective engine, with outstanding sound and whistling turbine when changing speed security and maneuverability worthwhile Alfa Romeo badge Urban image and youthful spirit penetrates every fiber vehicles offer terrific space in the trunk

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4

below expectations

Stiffness of the roofing behind only allows people to 170 cm tall to sit in the back of the Accessibility breached, yet drawn the most out of the space Handlebar something easier product organization of multimedia controls on the center console, confusing and little Extending the trunk not practical seats are lowered down to potnosti horizontal


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The basic impression.

The modern-day lines of the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta models show designers thoroughly cultivated identity that Alfa has developed for many years. As the successor to Alfa Romeo 147 models, the C-segment, a sensible advancement of the previous model, with significant advances beforehand.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Potenza test

Exterior front.

The front of the car certainly looks the worst. Table of uneven distribution, as we made use of to, totally destroys the appearance of the automobile. Headlights are unusual, undefined, and the front part looks kinda simple and pale. The scale and design are very unusual acquired and it is precisely the section that many consumers will send in another instructions.

Exterior side.

Hi there automobile is a totally various story from the front end. Light clusters are delicately placed into the side of the vehicle, and the lack of the classic rear locks the sporty character of the automobile.

Exterior back.

Looks actually attractive from the rear, and the light clusters are nearly taken the trendy Ferrari vehicles and it offers you a nice stylization and beauty. Dropped entirely from the appearances of lighting groups predecessor, which brought a considerable improvement in appearance. A deep bumper, sporty styled with a huge diameter exhaust pipes reveals the performance of this model. On the back except for the logo design Alfa Romeo and Giulietta sign absolutely nothing detracts from the symmetry.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Potenza test dashboard


If you do not pass the safety test with honors, it would be exceptionally difficult blow to the sales model. Thankfully, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta succeeded a full five -star Euro NCAP rating and the video footage shows that the Giulietta great handle all circumstances of threat.

Ease of access engine, tank, towing, tire replacement.

The hood is raised high and provides outstanding ease of access to the engine location. Design engine and engine part is a bit archaic, however the owner of the red branded motor reveals exactly what lies at the heart of this unit.

The right side is higher opening for giving fuel, everything is in location and effectively. Nowhere is it stated that fuel is poured into the car and need to pay attention to the gasoline station.

In the trunk is reduced wheel size and neatly packed tool for replacement tires and towing, as they do not make noise when driving. I have the area where the beerbelly is flat, so it could be a trouble with the setup of gas, namely gas cylinders that are kept in the spare wheel.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Potenza test specification

Kind: Hatchback Dimensions L / W / H: 4350x1800x1460 mm Wheelbase: 2630 mm Weight: 1290 kg Fuel tank: 60 liters: 5 pcs. Number of seats: 5 pcs. Total payload: 530 kg Maximum overall load: 1795 kg Max roof load 50 kg Towing a trailer without brakes: 500 kg Towing a trailer with brakes: 1300 kg.

Vehicle measurements

external measurements

Length (D1): 4351 mm Vehicle height (D2 ): 1465 mm Vehicle width with mirrors (D3 ): 1800 mm Vehicle width without mirrors (D4 ): 1580 mm Wheelbase (D5 ): 2634 mm Ramak wheels (D6 ): 1370 mm height from the ground (D7 ): 185 mm Input angle (D8 ): 8:44 degree outlet angle (D9 ): 18.99 degrees

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Potenza test engine


Width of the trunk (G1): 1020 mm Height trunk (G2 ): 790 mm Depth trunk (G3 ): 695 mm Depth trunk extended (G4): 1480-1680 mm hole trunk (G5): 775 mm Height of loading part (G6): 775 mm

First row seats

Beam design forward (A1 ): 1420 mm width both front seats (A2): 1220 mm distance in between the front seats (A3 ): 165 mm single front seat (A4): 545 mm Length cushion front seat (A5 ): 525 mm height of the front seatbacks (A6): 870-915 mm Height of seats to roofing system front seats (A7 ): 995-930 mm height from the top of the front seat to pathos (A8): 265-290 mm length from the top of the front seat to the brake (A9): 290-540 mm length from the wrist to the top of the wheel seat (A10 ): 420-670 mm length from the top of the column to the windshield (A11 ): 480 mm height from the top of the wheel to pathos (A12 ): 805-825 mm diameter ring column (A13 ): 390 mm

The 2nd row seats

Width interior second -row seats (B1 ): 1330 mm Width both seats in the 2nd row (B2 ): 1320 mm length cushion the second row seats (B3 ): 515 mm seat height of the second row of seats (B4 ): 665-770 mm Height of the 2nd row seats to the roof (B5 ): 905 mm Height from the top of the second row seats to pathos (B6 ): 330 mm Length from the top of the 2nd row seats in advance (B7): 115-300 mm length of the 2nd joint to joint first seat (B8): 750-935 mm


access to the cabin

The doors are a fairly small footprint and open wide. The locks are plastic and easy to open the door. The door itself uncomplicated. The front seats are comfortable getting in dashboard is set high and will be sticking his knees, and there suffices space for the head. The guiding wheel is also developed high enough so that as far as access to the front of the bench will be no problem.

The circumstance in the rear seats in the pictures a little concerned primarily due to the little width of the opening and a smaller opening angle than holds true in the front seats. Surprisingly well the Italians used this relatively small area and provided very excellent access Giulietti back seats due to little size. If the front seats moved forward enough, even individuals from 2m height will have no problem to access the back seats – are all in millimeters, however you will survive relatively conveniently.

The passenger, seat

Front seat when you slide the back end will be the last frontier of tolerance over 1.90 m tall person, you may want to seat could be moved further back. Legroom is outstanding, legs leaning on the door and center console suitable. The motorist’s seat readjusts for depth, tilt and height. The front guest seat is moved by the depth and angle.

The seats are made of high quality fabric that in the central part of a honeycomb, comfy and well- profiled for sporty, well kept body in aggressive maneuvers. Armrest front is connected to the motorist’s seat and you come back to the perfect elbow regardless of the backrest rake, and afterwards hand the suitable of there butts on the shift lever – very practical and comfortable done.

The rear seats are comfortable, and outstanding legroom. You will should very carefully readjust the front seat in order not to disrupt the back seat, however it is absolutely possible to get four people really conveniently ride in it. The roofline at the rear takes its toll and individuals over 170cm height will have no trouble with low and sloped ceiling.

The seats are comfortable and well kept regardless of the small body profilisanosti.

Exposure, mirrors, windows, wipers

Since the windscreen is relatively reduced and not too large, browse it will be not ideal but good. The front pillars are minimized as much as possible and that the effect shows up. Position the motorist at the wheel is quite good in terms of exposure. Wipers are modern structures and concealed from view when travelers do not work and will the noise of them will be reset.

Exterior mirrors are huge and well formed. Recalled through them is quite hassle-free for the driver, the only issue is that these enormous closes around exposure mirrors forward.

Italians show a commitment to safety by putting a huge screen that all the belts in the vehicle associated with driver glance can clean it on all seats, which is especially crucial for kids. Interior mirror located under a similar shape as the rear window and offers adequate exposure back and our backs on the back seats can be reduced enough to nearly completely mess up.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Potenza test specification and price

Despite the fact that the rear window is too huge can be stated to give great visibility, specifically as the glass is reduced maximum downward. Sami hips vehicles are much more problematic, however it is motivating direct rear view parking.

The rear window is more constricted with the slump of the roofing system to the back, and the greatest problem is simply to the side of the car exposure, but it will remove the good of study with the door mirrors.

Materials and finishing

The upper part of the dash panel is made from hard plastic perforated well, that enters into the soft rubber frame that includes an enormous silver focal point of the control board on both sides. The center console continues in hard plastic and is still dotted with silver accents. The door on top made from hard plastic and is really rough, which ought to be rather more efficient holds with heating of the offense, to be able to use the same for the “release of the hands through the window,” and not to burn yourself. Next door to continue the metallic part and the landing door is quality matte plastic. Italians in this model successfully integrated various products and have actually been extremely interesting, about a classy interior. Not a lot of type for materials, so that low-cost plastic in the vehicle and virtually gone, however there is no much expensive.

Wheel, shifter, handbrake

As in all Italian cars, not the kind for enhancing the power steering, and turning really gradually and the exact same tailored and city driving and the fair sex. I wheel rim is the correct diameter, and has a thickness on the inner upper parts of which are essential for good posture control throughout stylish driving automobiles. Steering wheel rim is cut with leather, while the main part of the plastic perforiane. We do not like exactly what they used matte plastic on the wheel spokes, a metal variation would look much better. At the wheel, drowned in his type, there are buttons for multimedia regulate specifically. Cruise behind the wheel of an unique bat, instead of on the steering wheel. The transmission is very accurate, fast and brief strokes. Sphere of transmission is comfy and extra-large in the hand. I most ruthless and transmission enables fast change gears. Position transmission is excellent, completely hand tighter. Handbrake is small and uncomfortable to have fun with skidding, and it is preferable and lift the armrest so as not to interfere when making use of the handbrake. All the controls are really light and not stressing you out drivers.

Transmission is round, pleasant to the touch. Sami strokes and rate of transmission is exceptional, which is essential for this sporty model. Since it is under the hood turbo petroleum engine, it is vital that the transmission be good to benefit from all the possibilities of aggregates. Handbrake is the minimum size, well placed and efficient.

The instrument panel and controls

Without any doubt, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta done very stylish in terms of instrumentation, with thick silver and overstated contrast you about the capacity of the automobile. All the markings on the board are in Italian. A fascinating information is that the digital mileage display rotates the numbers as analog instrument that would work, so instead of changed every hundred lawns, he just moves in a circle – a detail, but it demonstrates how the Alfa Romeo looks after such details. 2 analog instrument panel is dominated by a navigation speedometer and rev counter forces you to drive the car extremely rapidly and at high rpm. Large coolant temperature gauge and fuel will exactly suggest the condition. Central is found at the bottom of the screen board computer system, largely stuffed, however extremely clear and very bright, and readability in all scenarios excellent. Exactly what is intriguing is that there is activity light turbine and you clearly see the display as a strong turbine engine filled the air. Big circles around the speedometer and obtomera completely removes presence speed guest.

On the door there is a set of windows and mirrors, and to the left of the steering wheel does not have any buttons. All the controls are on the handle located on the wheel, and cruise control on the same website under the control of the left arm.

The trick is a classic, well-positioned and do not mind your feet even when dragging the seat up front.

air conditioning

The knobs themselves are almost packed and temperature, and even that was not enough, but also in the central knob logically and plainly put the control and instructions of the air. The very air conditioning works great, fairly peaceful on the secondary reinforcement, so in that sense, you will not have problems with refrigeration Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the more so as the whole car is not too big. We discovered that the air flow to the legs, in front and at the back is extremely strong, we saw that the other models, this is done so well.

All multimedia controls are on the display. Commands in the main part around the display are too small, and our wheels to boost and change stations are inaccessible because of the curve table. Normally, I’ll make till you are at rest, and afterwards move on to the steering wheel controls which everything will work well. We applaud the very good radio reception, and virtually amazingly fast modification them, and the stations will be leaping workout. Above the display is the entry for CD media, and fire radio muting the sound.

The screen of multimedia on the main part of the dash panel is extremely plainly laid out and bright, yet densely stuffed but well arranged and practical.


Front passenger seat is an useful storeroom with excellent lighting.

Behind the gear position is for two cans, in addition to useful compartments under the armrest which is padded to avoid items in her skating and banged.

In front of the transmission there is a very useful but small compartments for saving your mobile phone, as the rubber will keep your mobile well in his position.

At the top of the dashboard is a partition that opens, on this model there is storage for small products, and if you pay supplement out there will display the navigation device.

The door does not have much area, it can fit a couple of little items.

On the back of the front seats is storage area for publications.

The rear seats, next door, has a practical carrier with glasses that relapse and forth, and if you open the back, there is always room for phones and other small items.


Remarkably wonderful trunk Alfa Romeo Giulietta model, it could be said that the use of space made best use of. Trunk is slightly greater.

On the left side of the trunk is light and the power port, while the right side is oka�aljka the bag. At the start of the trunk side you have 2 separate little compartments where useful to hold for instance oil or emergency treatment.

Lightweight folding the seats expands the trunk and seatbacks themselves pertain to practically a flat surface area so that it is very practical for everyday use.

The quality of products in the trunk is at an excellent level, every little thing is done correctly.


Potenza equipment:.

6 speakers, ABS Alloy wheels 17″ Alloy pedals Climatronic front side airbag Board computer CD/MP3 radio Divisible rear seat 60/40 Electric front windows Electric mirror Leather steering wheel controls the rate of climb / descent control buttons on the steering wheel Armrest forward armrest back Front fog lights Front head restraints Rear view mirrors in body color manually adjust the height of headlights Power steering Stop-Start system Cruise Control airbag Passenger airbag motorist Rear headrests Rear parking sensors rear spoiler curtain head airbags.


Metallic Rear electric windows.



The default acceleration of 7.8 seconds is rather positive, given that the time we handled to squeeze 9 seconds flat. On the other hand, the Alfa Romeo brijlira the brakes ie. brief brake all the way from 38.67 meters from 100km / h to absolutely no, which is 1.5 meters better than 40m, which is a basic car to a rating of excellent brakes. The noise in the car at a consistent speed is low, even happily low, just to have a sudden leap 120km / h, which is because of air resistance and sound of the turbine. Alfa Romeo Giulietta has excellent insulation, side by side, and even much better than the competition. Manufacturing facility consumption of this model is rather positive and implies to drive extremely slow-moving, however regular driving consists of a typical set of territory turbo charger that brings along greater energy. In usage will be about 10 liters of typical driving without too much care about keeping the economy. On the open road with an automobile air conditioner can not power down below 6 liters of gasoline, but the maximum that the 7.7 liter with air conditioning to 120km / h quite appropriate figure for the turbo – gasoline engine of only 1.4 liters.

Acceleration / braking time.

Acceleration / braking distance.

Car sound.

Fuel usage in genuine terms.

Fuel consumption at cruising rates.

the city

Easy motorist set that includes a strong servo, fast and exact transmission and ultimately the lugs are soft, put the vehicle in the wanted list of all the drivers and all the poles in the city will actually be enjoying the conditions to drive this vehicle. Little Alfa Romeo Giulietta is full of character and source of adrenaline in the information, and be sure that the motorist of the car quickly fall in love with all of its quality and originality realize that Juliet shall include in its segment – that’s simply the key to the competitiveness of this model – emotions. Unexpected acceleration in the city offer a really good sound of howling turbines, so you feel like you are driving three-liter turbo engine, it is evident that the Alfa Romeo Giulietta received a lot of character to a really exact sound adjusting and engine.

The quality of the mechanics on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a terrific model, and will cruise the highway faster speeds to be an easy job for him. Irrespective the little turbo engine, he is not afraid to provide linear and highly pushing full force and greater rates. The appropriate option of gear and vo�nja over 5000 rpm pulls the absolute most from the model. Alfa Romeo Giulietta is not a cheap car, and cruise at higher speeds and efforts to expel the sharp curves of the considerable courses are not considerably burdened Giulietta.


Fuel: Gasoline Displacement: 1368 cc Type: Straight, 4 cylinders / 16 valves Power: 170ks/125KW @ 5500 rpm Torque: 250Nm @ 2500 RPM Compression: 9.8:1 Combustion: Four-stroke Drive: Front wheels Transmission Type: Manual speed transmissions: 6-speed consumption (time, mixing, city): 4.6 / 5.8 / 7.8 lit. Emislija CO2: 134 g / km Emissions: EURO5 Maximum rate: 218 km / h Acceleration 0- 100km / h: 7.8 seconds Turning circle: 10.9 m.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Potenza test price

The tested model has a 1.4 MultiAir Turbo gasoline engine that develops 170 horses and with a rich plan of Potenza devices that has been added and metallic paint and rear windows, and a cost model tested EUR 21,602. Alongside him, interesatan the 1.4 engine with 105 hp and Progression package that gives a discount rate and the very best price for a brand-new Alfa Romeo Giulietta from EUR 15,999. Greatest in offer a 1.8 turbo petrol engine with up to 235 horses in Quadrofoglio Verde devices expenses EUR 26,500, while the most expensive available yet effective 2.0 diesel engine with an automatic transmission which is EUR 27,100.

With its 170 horses, however a modest 1.4 liters of displacement will not switch 28,000 each year in terms of registration, which is an excellent saving.

Guarantee and Service.

Guarantee is 2 years without any mileage limitations and upkeep work on 20,000 km.

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