2015 Ford Focus RS price

2015 Ford Focus RS

After the third generation Focus ST received fierce, many automotive enthusiasts with nestpljenjem expect an even stronger version of the 2015 Ford Focus RS .The new RS will current five-engine with 300 hp replaced with new, 2.3-liter turbo-compressor, available in both diesel and petrol variate, which will bring about 330 horses. The same engine, just less power will be found on a new Mustang, but in a different configuration.


This engine will also find its place and under the cover of the new Mustang, constructed by American and European specifications. Most likely it will still be some differences in terms of the power of Focus and Mustang models, with the Mustang also comprise a V8 engine for both regions. 2015 Ford Focus RS  will of course get a more aggressive exterior, sporty interior, more powerful brakes, modified suspension, LSD and a sports exhaust system.

2015 Ford Focus RS

By all accounts, the 2015 Ford Focus RS will be available only in the form of Hatchbak 5-door, although the wagon is not completely switched off (but the chances for it though very small). Although considered the option of the new 2015 Ford Focus RS  is driven to all four wheels to it will not come after at Ford decided that would be too much increased body weight.

2015 Ford Focus RS rear

The 2015 Ford Focus RS will ship with a limited slip differential, more powerful brakes and tires, along with a sporty cabin. The engine is located in the new ST model. New 2015 Ford Focus RS  model will have the drive on the front axle, as is the case with the previous engine. There is a possibility of using a limited slip differential – the so-called E-diff. Manual transmission was almost certain, and there is a possibility that, with the PowerShift technology, we offer find a version with double clutch.

new 2015 Ford Focus RS


2015 Ford Focus RS price

The estimated cost for this car will be around 40,000 euros. It is 119.40 euros per hp, which is slightly less than that of the Opel Astra OPC (125,50 euros per hp) and the Renault Megane RS (120,70 euros per hp). In this way, the foreground will break just the new RS, which will be its performance on the back burner and throw some of the models that cost almost twice as much.

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