2015 Pontiac Trans Am release date

2015 Pontiac Trans Am

The new 2015 Pontiac Trans Am will soon be here and shall be presented in both the coupe and the convertible options and with the V6 engine or in the Firebird Trans Am trim levels. The 2015 Trans am base trim will be powered by a 3.7l power unit which will be able to generate up to 305hp and a related 280lb-ft of torque while at the other end the Firebird Trans Am will be powered by a 5.0l V8 engine that will be capable of producing over 420hp and 390lb-ft of torque.

2015 Pontiac Trans Am interior

The aerodynamics of the Pontiac Trans Am are supposed to give this car an appealing style and an attractive look simultaneously and better, to make customizing this speed car easy for those that love to further personalize their units. Pontiac still maintains its legacy of easy fix even with the release of the 2015 Trans Am release such that fixing minor mechanical problems will be fast.

Trans Am 2015

2015 Pontiac Trans Am Specifications

This car stands to be betters to its outgoing 2014 versions as this one comes readily boosted by a turbocharger and can easily deliver well over 300hp so that it can effectively run the 3.7l V6 engine. And, at the same time see that this model is fuel economic and has reduced CO2 emissions.

The 2015 Trans Am release is responsible for ending the power war that has raged between the Pontiac and the Chevy having the 2015 Trans Am yielding a grand 650bhp while the Chevy Camaro ZL1 managed 500bhp. A monstrous Trans Am capable of delivering 1000bhp is expected to make a grand appearance and the 2014 New York Auto Show. Its firepower is highly remarkable for drag or strip figures, but the down side of these speed cars is that only a few units get to sell thus end up meeting an extremely small sales record and are best listed in the exclusive unit offers.

2015 Pontiac Trans Am Performance

engine of new Pontiac

Below are some of the performance attributes of the 2015 Trans Am compared to those of the almost retiring 2014 model of the Trans Am. As earlier said the 2015 model of the Trans Am will be powered by a 3.7l V6 engine and shall be able to generate up to 305bhp and a related 280lb-ft of torque without a struggle compared to the 2014 model which was presented in 3 trims; the 2.0l Tigershark, the 2.4l Tigershark and finally the 4.0l Multi-air-Turbo. The leading power unit as far as effectiveness is concerned is the 2.4l Tigershark which produces a respectable 184hp and 171lb-ft of torque, which compared to the output of the 2015 model is greatly outdone. The 2014 models are seen to push for a version that will produce well above 300hp, which evidently is the 4.0l Multi-air turbo standing as the last and most powerful of the j2014 models.

new Trans Am 2015

2015 Pontiac Trans Am Price

The 2015 Trans Am equipped with a manual Transmission stand as being the least expensive and is estimated to sell at a base price of $22,995 and the Firebird will retail at $31,095. The convertible model with a hand-on transmission will retail at a base price of about $27,995 and the Firebird at about $36,095. The automatic option will be available with an extra cost of about $1,195.

The 2015 Trans Am is set to be released before the end of 2014 and then start sales thereafter.

This is the Pontiac Trans Am WS6 Concept 2015

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