2015 Honda CRV redesign,specs and release date

2015 Honda CRV

At the Auto Show in Los Angeles presented the redesigned 2015 Honda CRV. This is the fourth generation of the popular off-roader that is intended for all markets. New Honda CRV is produced in the UK.
Customers from the European market have quite specific requirements in relation to other markets, such as American. Model for 2015 continues the tradition of its predecessor and presents an excellent blend of comfortable ride and the benefits that brings off road driving. This is the main reason why this is the most reliable SUV for family drivers, for safety and comfort it provides.

2015 Honda CRV

2015 Honda CRV redesign

When you first look at the new 2015 Honda CRV You might do that there is almost no change compared to the previous model .But it is not so .A lot of the changes and improvements in the new model, which greatly contributed to the improvement of the new model , the quality is raised to a higher level .
Right for the greater security and better behavior of the car while driving , especially at high speeds and sudden changes of direction when it comes to bypassing some obstacles .

Compared to 2014 Honda CRV , the new model is much more dynamic and aggressive.

Height is reduced by 30mm and the body shorter by about 5mm.Iako there has been a slight reduction in cabin space has been increased thanks to the moving point of attachment to the windshield and the hood forward to 60mm .

A little smaller length of the vehicle is not observed, while a lower roof-line adds considerably to the dynamics and the subjective sensation of security. Height-adjustable seat back rest, and also, the angle and height of the steering wheel, provide convenience to every driver, no matter his growth and weight. The seats are outstanding, made from a mix of classic and suede. Special attention has actually been paid to the rears additionally, which is suitable for long rides and in regards to comfort and in terms of space. Exactly what is essential, and probably has to do with relocating the taxi ahead, behind the back seat is even lots compartment volume of 589 litres.

One of the novelties is a brand new sports steering wheel which will give you the perfect stand in his hands.Also, the instrument panel is well positioned and is quite attractive.Maybe one of the small complaints given this SUV vehicle is the poor quality of some parts of the cabin.

Honda CRV front

Particular interest is drawn to the brand-new 4X4 drive. Hydraulic pump, which manages energy up the drive to the back axle has actually been switched out by clutch, which is turned on by an electric motor. This tool is lighter compared to the previous one and has a faster response. Drive to the rear axle is activated, in a manner of speaking currently, as quickly as the sensors register the skidding of the front tires.

The fourth generation of the CR-V, Honda has actually supplied the marketplace an automobile that required a trip, also for a few miles, to be clear, why it must be had. He’s not swayed consumers with affordable developer tricks, LEDs, massagers in the seat and comparable. In 2015 Honda CRV is all designed with the feeling and step, in the forefront of the high quality, space, convenience and security.


Engine: 4 cylinders in-line; 2,199 cm3, 150 hp @ 4,000 rpm, 350 Nm @ rpm 2.000 rpm
Body: SUV, 5-door, 5-seats; 4,570 / 1,820 / 1,685 mm (l / w / h);
Wheelbase: 2,630 mm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Drive: FWD (4×4)
Performance: 0-100 km / h in 10.2 seconds, top speed 190 km / h;
CO2 emissions: 173 g / km;
EPA rating: 7.4 l/100 km

When will the 2015 Honda CRV in sale

Expect the 2015 Honda CRV in showrooms by autumn 2014.

If you want to know more about the Honda CRV, visit the following page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_CR-V

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