Volkswagen Coupe CrossBlue concept 2014 review

2014 Volkswagen Coupe concept CrossBlue

Volkswagen at Auto Shanghai had a world premiere.It is a Volkswagen Coupe CrossBlue concept 2014.It is a hybrid vehicle that combines the V6 turbo gasoline engine and two electric motors with a combined output of 415KS.Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 5.9 seconds, average fuel consumption at the factory The largest is 3.0 l/100 km, and it is possible to run only when electrically CrossBlue Coupe Concept can travel up to 33 km.

Volkswagen Coupe CrossBlue concept 2014

Volkswagen continues to practice the latest car manufacturer to vehicles with 5-door called compartments. His new crossover concept, which stylistically resembles the Range Rover Evoque, labeled Volkswagen Coupe CrossBlue concept 2014 and has the connotation of premium cars.

Volkswagen Coupe CrossBlue concept 2014 review

Beginning in size, SUV Coupe with 4,889 mm long and 2,015 mm wide fairly large car and with a height of only 1,679 mm brings attractive proportions. Set of luscious 22-inch wheels, based on a 2,980 mm long wheelbase with wheels pushed to the corners up.

Volkswagen new crossover concept, taking the pulse of potential customers and gather feedback in order to decide what the production model will sell. Judging by its design, the possible production version could attract those who want to drive an Audi SUV, but it was too expensive for them.

Volkswagen Coupe CrossBlue concept 2014 interior

Volkswagen Coupe CrossBlue concept 2014 stylish supplements and a combination of the two previous concept that the German manufacturer presented in the last 18 months, VW CrossBlue and VW Cross Coupe. Contribute to the overall sporty impression and air vents on the hood, a large intakes in the front bumper, rear roof spoiler and a complete silhouette of the vehicle. Sharp and rectangular lines of the interior are taken directly from the concept CrossBlue presented in January 2013. at the Motor Show in Detroit.

The reason why the car has 2 openings for “fuel” for reasons of “Twin Drive” tags back. Under the hood is a regular 3.0 TDI V6 turbo petrol engine with direct injection that produces 300 horsepower. It is where the two 55 hp electric motor at the front axle and 115 hp on the back, for a total combined output of electric motor of 170 hp, 515 hp or all 3

Volkswagen Coupe CrossBlue concept 2014 side

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