2014 Citroen DS Wild Rubis redesign

2014 Citroen DS

2014 Citroen DS Wild Rubis revealed some crucial information about the coming changes in the line of the brand name. The business’s head of the line model C Pierre Monferrino revealed that the French business is working with a compact crossover.

2014 Citroen DS Wild Rubis

2014 Citroen DS Wild Rubis redesign

Introduced at this year’s Motor Show in Shanghai, this model 2014 Citroen DS Wild Rubis will be designed solely for Chinese clients when the DS brand appears on the market next year. Early rumori state the Wild Rubis name is intended just for the concept while the manufacturing model need to carry DSX7 Hybrid 4 mark.

2014 Citroen DS Wild Rubis is 4.7 meters long, 1.95 meters tall and broad 1,59 meters. This concept shares its platform with the customized model DS5, which is most likely to be shared by the bulk of mechanics, including a gasoline-hybrid engine, and the official premiere must be at the 2014 Motor Show in Beijing. This system incorporates a gas engine driving the front wheels and an electric motor that drives the rear wheels which gives drive to all four wheels.

2014 Citroen DS Wild Rubis side

Official details is still missing, however point out the engine of 2014 Citroen DS Wild Rubis ought to be a 1.6 L, which, integrated with an electric motor, ought to establish around 240 HP. To design see to it the Citroen chief designer Thierry Metroz who states he is extremely proud of the finished work, and most of the lines can be expected on the manufacturing model.

The SUV is concerned, the lines are streamlined and sport, and the only unknowns government at the cost of the interior where the French giant still has not launched official images. With a length of 4,700 mm,2014 Citroen DS Wild Rubis is similar in size as the Volkswagen Touareg, which Citroen simply viewed as the major competitor.

Nonetheless, the Touareg plays a secondary role in the Chinese market and the Citroen wishes to get a head start in collaboration with our Chinese partner Dongfeng. As we pointed out, the 2014 Citroen DS Wild Rubis will be specifically offered in China, however the French automobile maker revealed that in the near future, might make his debut on the European market with the aim of attacking the German premium brand names like Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

014 Citroen DS Wild Rubis redesign

At this point, the DS brand provides 3 models (DS3, DS4 and DS5), in addition to Wild Rubis/DS7 by 2015 ought to be larger sedan debuts and DS6. DS brand has actually proven to be particularly successful for Citroen, with over 300,000 copies sold in the past 30 months. The most successful model in the line is a little DS3, makings 66 % of sales, and the rest is divided equally on the DS4 and DS5.

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