2014 BMW X3 changes

2014 BMW X3

BMW has introduced a new , third-generation 2014 BMW X3.When the first model came 2003rd the market and offered as part of a SAV segment , customers are immediately recognized its quality.Until 2007 he sold a million copies. Then came the second generation of the quality of which is best illustrated set of the latest generation that has only its refreshed version …

2014 BMW X3 changes

Compared to its predecessor, the new X3 has grown by one centimeter. Highlighted the current BMW sporty image that each model brand must carry. Newspapers are modified double circular headlights similar to those of the larger X5 his cousin. Changed the bumpers which now seems like an attractive shelf for lots of details. The legendary “kidneys” have grown so far connected with the large light clusters “rule” on the front part. Clients can always opt for M package that the visual appearance of a massive sports features Poggio a higher level. Alloy wheels can be selected on a scale of 18 “, 19”, and one of the largest 20 “.

new 2014 BMW X3

Cabin abounds with quality materials but the cheaper versions come as standard. Chrome applications discreet “way out” of places where the elements combine leather with polished wood paneling. Most of the luxury inside the far reaches of the center console and high-gloss panel that she covered. Harman Kardon Sound provides sound system, and a standard head-up display in 4 colors, RTTI (Real Time Traffic Information) and the function of an emergency call in critical situations. Multimedia content is controlled through the iDrive control system through which it is now possible to use a variety of applications including Facebook and Twitter.

2014 BMW X3 interior

The largest newspapers are among the aggregates. The choice is not easy, there are four diesel and three petrol engines. The basic make-liter turbo four-cylinder units, which the new generation of X3 premiered experience a touch of aluminum construction and better performance.

Diesel offer starts with two-liter four-cylinder engine within the xDrive 18d 150 hp with rear-wheel drive and six-speed manual transmission that emits only 124 g / km CO ₂ per kilometer and achieves a fuel consumption of 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

Then follows xDrive 20d from 190 hp to 100 km / h in 8.1 seconds with the help of the maximum torque of 400 Nm and eight-speed automatic transmission . Average fuel consumption is 5 liters and emissions of CO ₂ per kilometer only 138 g .

BMW X3 2014 price

Price of the new 2014 BMW X3 is about $40,000

The power is then increased to three-liter six-cylinder sequential aggregate. Weaker among them xDrive 30d which has 258 hp and produces 560 Nm . Top-of xDrive 35d of 331 HP , which has a massive 630 Nm of torque achieving 5 liter average consumption and emitting 157 grams of CO ₂ .

The lowest gasoline is sDrive 20i with 184 hp and a standard eight-speed automatic transmission for gas generators , which do ” hundreds ” accelerates in 8.2 seconds . Golden Mean xDrive 28i makes four-cylinder with 245 hp and 350 Nm of torque . Up to 100 km / h it needs 6.5 seconds and combined cycle consumes 7 liters . The most powerful six-cylinder xDrive 35i with 306 hp and 400 Nm of torque , the maximum force obtained for a 1200 r / min and up to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds !

2014 BMW X3 Review

Drive sDrive is mandatory for all who choose 20i model. Owners 20d X3 are the only who can not choose between the two drives, while the other models as standard comes xDrive. This all-wheel drive provided better traction, improved driving dynamics and safety. Then follows Xline package with which car gets better road capability. BMW X3 Efiicient Dynamics package has Auto Start Stop system and Brake Energy recovery systems, all of which aim to reduce consumption and emissions. Even in the offer and tires 4 generation to further reduce CO ₂ emissions to 7 grams per kilometer!

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